Discussion 28 – Presentation on Artists

We had an interesting presentation by trainee architect Waqif on works by a few artists, both Indian and international. A few of the interesting works are given below -


Amy Shackleton is a New York based artist who works a lot on urban landscapes. Her works are especially interesting for us architects as they throw a fresh perspective on urban spaces.

Terraced City

Life Support

Boiling point

Mona Rai is an Indian artist whose works are full of dots, dashes, slashes, directional strokes and streaks. Ar.Tony was reminiscing how her work the ‘Bageecha’ somehow reminded him of Gustave Klint’s works


Stained wall

Stained wall

Igal Feidida is an Israel born artist, a self taught artist and photographer who has an innovative style of his own.  A unique facet of his works are the writing in Hebrew which dot his canvas.

otiyot in seven days

the void


Artist Daniel Connel’s works were also featured. Daniel was part of the recently concluded Kochi Muziris Biennale, where he brought to life the walls of Fort Kochi with his unique portraits of the locals.

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