Kanchanjunga apartments – Discussion 22

Can high income flats use the principles of climate control, zoning of spaces, view etc as in housing??

The task which had the characters of Safdie Montreal’s habitat 67 plugged in resulted in such a high income apartment- Kanchanjunga apartments. A presentation on Kanchanjunga apartments was given before the discussion forum by Aswathi.

She started the presentation appreciating the master head for creating such an all time wonder. It is an awakening solution for high-rise housing, a successful attempt by Charles chorea to implement traditional bungalow planning strategies into a multistory residential apartment situated in Mumbai.

As the location’s most endemic factor, climate provides the designer with a legitimate starting point for architectural expression in the endeavor to design in relation to place, a modern interpretation of a feature of the traditional Indian bungalow. Harmonious relationship between Kanchanjunga and its immediate context is realized as a result of its inherit local vernacular. Mumbai having tropical climate asks for east-west orientation for the building to catch the prevailing winds from the Arabian Sea and the city’s best view.

The layout of the apartments in Kanchanjunga achieves an open floor plan while creating distinctive spaces through its changes in level. It has 32 luxury units of 3 to 6 bedroom flats. All the units were are arranged as an interlocking composition with the play of intermediate split levels. 3- 4 bedroom units are one and half story and 5-6 bedroom units are 2 and half storied. Its minimalist unbroken surfaces are cut away to open up the double-height terrace gardens at the corners, thus revealing some hint of the complex’ spatial organization of living spaces that lie within.

After the presentation Ar.Tony was of the opinion that facade has a dramatic effect due to outer double height terraces and themes of color palette add the drama in the aesthetics. Amal added that the interlocking form and colors reveals the complex spatial organization of the livable spaces of the tower. The discussion drove everyone to think for a while why can’t we architects design something like this? Rini and Deepak were of the opinion that for a great piece of work to build you need high end clients. Discussion ended hoping that tomorrow we see many such kanchanjunga apartments in our country!!

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